Upper Room

Upper Room

Who We Are

The Upper Room of Erie strives to provide support, revitalize hope, and restore dignity for the poor and homeless in Erie, Pennsylvania.

What We Do

For over 22 years, The Upper Room of Erie has been supporting homeless people in Erie who are hurting and often feel helpless. Over 45,000 homeless people in need come to us every year and we are proud to provide hope, restore dignity, and give resources for them to get back on their feet. Our staff refers our guests to other agencies and services as needed, and is also willing to give referrals. The ultimate goal of The Upper Room is to decrease the homeless population in Erie by providing enough support to allow our guests to find jobs and a home.

How You Can Help

You can find one of the many ways to help by visiting the website.  A Grace attender organizes and leads the Christmas Celebration. It’s an opportunity to give gift bags of essentials to over 200 homeless people.  For more information, contact Gae Anderson at dram@roadrunner.com

1024 Peach St,Erie,PA,16501