Jana Burruss

Jana Burruss

What lead you to where you are?

Growing up I struggled to share my faith with my friends and I wanted to learn more about how to do that. When I got to college I found Cru. I learned the things that I was craving! When I graduated and moved to Erie for my first job I volunteered with Cru at Penn State Behrend and saw the Lord use me to help the movement grow from 5 students to over 30 in just a few years! I knew that God was calling me to be more involved than what I could give outside of work so I joined the staff at Cru in the winter of 2011. In 2013 I stepped into the Team Leader position for all of north western PA.

Current Mission

Our mission is to help see lost students and faculty become lifelong Christ-centered laborers.  We are hoping that each student on every campus has an opportunity to hear the gospel. As a Team Leader for NWPA I lead the staff team to reach out to the 5 campuses where we currently have movements: Clarion University, Grove City College, Edinboro University, Penn State Behrend and Slippery Rock University. Our hope and prayer is that the Lord would lead us to have movements on all the campuses in the NWPA area.  I also spend time on campus mentoring students and teaching student leaders how to share their faith.

Biggest support needs:

Prayer is always a big need but we are also in need of volunteers to mentor students, especially men! We have a curriculum already set up so anyone who has a heart for seeing students grow in faith can jump right in.

Special Challenges:

The college campus is increasingly becoming a place where Christianity is mocked and dismissed. There continues to be more obstacles to having the freedom to share Jesus with people on campus.