Building a family with strong foundations in today’s world is a monumental task. Over several decades, Christian families have often found themselves facing a myriad of challenges, seemingly carrying a metaphorical target on their backs. Satan, understanding the importance of a strong family unit, often targets this very foundation, leading to a heavy burden most godly parents find themselves carrying.

Across the landscape of life, Christian families striving to raise their children in faith often come under attack. Divorce, affairs, temptations, rebellious children, health issues, and accidents – these obstacles seem to be Satan’s tools in attempting to shake the family’s foundation.

Here are 3 of the most popular tactics satan uses to destroy healthy families

1. Discord

One of Satan’s favorite tactics is to sow discord within the family unit. He revels in causing misunderstandings, pitting one family member against another. This conflict can lead to a dangerous belief that life might be better without the family unit.

2. Distraction

Satan tries to keep us so busy with unimportant things that will distract us from the most important things. Like our faith and our key family relationships. The lie says, “I have lots of time to attend to my family’s needs later; but for now, this urgent thing needs my attention.”

3. Devastation

Sometimes, Satan unleashes full-on attacks that bring disease, devastation, or even death, causing fears of abandonment and despair.

Amid these attacks, parents often grapple with the tug-of-war between family and societal responsibilities. This tension often drives parents to one of two extremes: neglecting family due to societal commitments, or idolizing family to the neglect of societal responsibilities.

However, instead of viewing family and societal obligations as opposed to each other, parents can consider them as two aspects of life that can be harmoniously balanced. Imagine the home as a training ground for societal roles, where values like teamwork, goal setting, and ethical decision-making are taught. Conversely, societal roles can offer valuable lessons like conflict resolution, budgeting, and discipline that are crucial for a healthy home environment.

Balancing family and societal obligations will always be challenging. However, parents must remember that they’re engaged in a spiritual battle that demands strength and resilience. By standing firm, rejecting deceptive thoughts, and embracing their dual roles, they can create an environment where both their family life and societal roles flourish.

Also remember that strong reliance on the Lord during both good and bad times is essential. We are not the ones fighting this spiritual battle between good and evil. God is! And even though He always wins, it;s important that we as parents stay in close connection with Him for the sake of protecting our families from the deceptive attacks of the enemy. Here’s a prayer you can pray over you and your family for protection from evil and satan’s schemes.

A Prayer for Family Protection

Dear Lord,

We come to You as a family, asking for Your shield of protection against all forms of evil. Surround our home with Your love and peace, and help us stand firm against any attempts to disrupt our unity.

Equip us with the strength to resist temptation and the wisdom to see through deception. Guide us in every step, Lord, and let Your truth be our constant guide.

Cover us with Your protective hand, keep us safe from harm, and lead us on the path of righteousness.

In Jesus’ name we pray,